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The beach is about half a mile from here.

Rugby Earth are două standuri principale, nordul Tribune, care a fost redenumit Bmibaby Stand în augustiar în Tribuna de Sud. Iar standul Bmibaby și standurile sudice au terasă sub scaun. Alte capete ale Pământului sunt strada Finală Westgate în estcare are o serie de locuri sub caseta executivă, plus magazinul de cluburi, și sfârșitul râului Taff Westcare are 26 de cutii executive.

It takes three hours to get there by plane. She works here because she slimming club edinburgh nearby. Lawrence Olivier plays Hamlet in that film.

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The weather is usually wet in this part of the country. More than twenty families live in this house. She resembles her mother. Ask questions about the underlined parts of the following sentences: 1.

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The landlady locks the door after midnight. The car belongs to the Mayor.

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The post arrives once a week. Leo usually travels to work by train.

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A newsagent sells newspapers. There are only ten chairs in this room.

Xenophon on the Formative Role of Hunting. Le cas des «» à Aulnay-sous-Bois 7 I.

I usually take an aspirin when I have a headache. Richard plays the lead guitar in that band. She reads detective stories mostly.

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Jimmy spends his free time playing computer games. At Halloween, American Kids dress up as ghosts.

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Your father smokes at least 40 cigarettes a day. They move to a new house every three years.

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We play bridge in the evenings. Put the following words into the correct order: 1.

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They own their house which is situated in the suburbs of a large town. The house has three bedrooms.

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On average they have two children and a pet. The family drives a two-year old Ford Cortina. He works in the office of an engineering company for 40 hours a week and earns £ per week.

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He starts at 9. He goes to work by car which takes him 20 minutes. She works in a service industry for three days a week and earns £ She works locally and goes there by bus. She quite likes her job as it takes her out of the house, she.